1. Introduce us to someone who is likely to love Wildnote as much as you do.
  2. When they participate in a discovery sales call with Wildnote, you get a $150 Patagonia gift card.
  3. If they purchase Wildnote, your company gets a reward equal to 10% of the annual value of the new contract. 

See “Program Rules” for eligibility requirements.



Wildnote Rewards Referral Registration

This form is simply for tracking your referrals with Wildnote so you can collect your rewards.

Rest assured that no one from Wildnote will contact your colleague until you have made an introduction.

Form 5

Program Rules

  • Offer: For each Referred Prospect who holds a Discovery Meeting with a Wildnote sales representative:
    • The Eligible Referring User will receive a $150 Gift Card.
    • If the Referred Prospect becomes a Wildnote annual customer and the Eligible Referring User works for an Eligible Customer Business, The Eligible Customer Business will receive Wildnote Credits worth 10% of the value of the Referred Prospects Annual Contract Value (ACV).
  • Program Dates: Begins January 15, 2022 and continues through at least December 31, 2022.
  • Eligible Referring Users must be current or former Wildnote users.
  • Eligible Customer Businesses must be on an Annual Wildnote Contract to be eligible for Wildnote Credits.
  • Eligible Referring Users must register the Referred Prospect with Wildnote on the Official Wildnote Referral Registration page. (Form above.)
  • Eligible Referring Users must make a warm introduction of the Referred Prospect to Wildnote by email or phone call. Wildnote will provide suitable email copy to be used by the Eligible Referring user for this introduction should they choose.
  • There is no limit on the number of Referred Prospects an Eligible Referring User may refer to Wildnote.
  • Wildnote Credits will be awarded up to the value of the Eligible Customer Business's ACV.
  • Wildnote Credits earned must be used on or before the Eligible Customer Business's next renewal date.
  • Wildnote Credits can only be used on renewal licenses, upsell licenses or custom development fees.


  • Eligible Referring User: Any current or former Wildnote user who makes a warm introduction for Wildnote to an environmental consulting firm or permittee.
  • Eligible Customer Business: A Wildnote customer on an annual contract. An Eligible Referring User may or may not work for an Eligible Customer Business.
  • Referred Prospect: An environmental consulting firm or permittee referred to Wildnote with a warm introduction by an Eligible Referring User.
  • Annual Contract Value (ACV): The annualized value of the recurring revenue portion of the customer contract.
  • Wildnote Credits: Credits expressed in USD that can. be used as a discount on renewal or upsell licenses or custom development costs.
  • Discovery Meeting: A minimum 30 minute meeting between a Referred Prospect and a Wildnote sales representative to determine if Wildnote is a fit for the Referred Prospect's technology needs.