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March 9th

Gear Up For Field Season! Best practices and favorite “stuff” for getting in, getting out, and getting it done

Spring is right around the corner. From boots that can handle wetlands to technology that won’t let you down, we’ll talk about the gear that people love and what you can do to get a jump on your project queue. Ready or not, it’s coming. 





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Feb. 9th

1 hour 

Automating Environmental Compliance:

The Regulators and the Regulated

This lively round table discussion focuses on how automating construction compliance reporting can positively impact the environmental permit lifecycle. Find out what key stakeholders envision for the future and how the compliance automation revolution is changing the conversation. These forward-thinking permittees, regulators, and environmental consultants bring their vision and experience to the table for a compelling 60 minutes of discovery.

Panelists include: Dillon Dittmer, Nebraska Dept. of Transportation | Nathalie Schils, Tetra Tech | Kenda Pollio from KP Environmental | Antal Szill, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.


Regulation shouldn’t be a dirty word,

and complying with it shouldn’t break the bank. 





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Jan. 12th

Compliance Defiance: Revolutionizing the Road to Regulation with New Technology

PART TWO - So, you decided to make the leap to what? Join us and learn from the best as Wildnote experts Renee Punzi and Nancy Douglas, along with Wildnote creator Kristen Hazard, walk you through best practices for setting up projects in a digital workflow. We'll also talk about creating surveys and reports that really work! Learn how to leverage the power of cloud computing to automate repetitive tasks and set yourself up so each phase works together for a stunningly streamlined workflow. It's about T.I.M.E. (yup, you'll find out what that means too!)



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Dec. 8th

Compliance Defiance: Revolutionizing the Road to Regulation with New Technology

PART ONE of a two-part Workflow Remodeling workshop with Certified Wildnote Administrator Nancy Douglas and panelists Marisa Ishimatsu of WRA, and Anne Pollnow of Sea Level Consulting. Win the war on paperwork when you learn how to defy the conventions that make compliance both difficult and costly. You'll get 30-minutes of real-world insight into what it takes to transform your workflow and the considerations that make or break a successful transition.




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Nov. 10th

View From Above: Using Remotely Sensed Data for Monitoring and Evaluations with Jessie Norriss of Upstream Tech 

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